Abelardo Morell - View of Sea Stacks Looking North. Ruby Beach, Olympic National Park, Washington. 2012.

12 Oct Abelardo Morell

Abelardo Morell - AbelardoMorell.net View of Sea Stacks Looking North. Ruby Beach, Olympic National Park, Washington. 2012. Tent-Camera Image on Ground....

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Dafna Talmor - Untitled (0811-1)

06 Oct Dafna Talmor

Dafna Talmor - www.dafnatalmor.co.uk Untitled (0811-1) from the Constructed Landscapes series, 2012 C-type handprint made of two collaged and montaged colour negatives...

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Jonathan Shaw - Mesh 01, 2016

06 Oct Jonathan Shaw

Jonathan Shaw - jonathan-shaw.com Mesh 01, 2016 from the Chronosculpture series A point cloud of a human body in motion, where time provides the fourth parameter in the realisation of these three-dimensional photographic objects....

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Meghann Riepenhoff - Littoral Drift Nearshore #209

06 Oct Meghann Riepenhoff

Meghann Riepenhoff - www.meghannriepenhoff.com Littoral Drift Nearshore #209 (Springridge Road, Bainbridge Island, WA 02.12.15, Fletcher Bay Water Poured and Fletcher Bay and Fay Bainbridge Silt Scattered) This is a unique dynamic cyanotype made directly in the landscape, with waves, wind, and sand physically etching into the chemistry, and...

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Charles Lindsay - CARBON (untitled) 2004/2016

06 Oct Charles Lindsay

Charles Lindsay website: www.charleslindsay.com - instagram: charles_lindsay_ CARBON (untitled) 2004/2016 Unique carbon emulsion camera-less process. Final print medium + size variable....

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Stephen Lawson - Turbine. 1992. Detail.

06 Oct Stephen Lawson

Stephen Lawson - lumieregallery.net Turbine. 1992. Tuesday 6th October. A continuous exposure was made from 10:20am until 8:40pm. Chromogenic print....

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James Guerin - 'It's for you.'

06 Oct James Guerin

James Guerin - aupremierplan.fr 'It's for you.' - 2015 Hand built 'Multi-cell' camera with 30 lenses in a 5x6 grid. 8x10" x-ray film....

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Manuel Geerinck - Untitled PH 515

06 Oct Manuel Geerinck

Manuel Geerinck - manuelgeerinck.com Untitled PH 515 From the Choreography of Pictorial Fetishes series 80x55.2cm edition of five 2015. Film photograph....

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